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Delicious Fruit is a Sativa predominant therapeutic cannabis strain created by intersection two landrace stains; an unadulterated Afghani Indica with an immaculate Thai Sativa. Numerous in the cannabis business now allude to this strain as Fruity Juice to maintain a strategic distance from any potential trademark encroachment. Succulent Fruit or Fruity Juice is a magnificent bowl loaded with shading, beginning with green and purple buds which when torn open swing to orange, lavender and a golden purple tone. Succulent Fruit is not excessively high in THC, tipping the scales at between 15%-20%, however the cerebral impacts are astonishing. The complete leaves the restorative patient not feeling depleted!!

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Succulent Fruit notices sweet and smooth; with a smell that is somewhere close to tart, natural product like, with insights of lemon and with a mix of plum and pina colada. Delicious Fruit is known to lift inclinations, give vitality while appearing to make fairly a ‘lost in time’ impact, whereby the therapeutic client loses his or her emphasis on time. Succulent Fruit gives a high enduring up to three hours while empowering inventiveness and core interest.

Succulent Fruit gives the therapeutic client phenomenal daytime alleviation for any semblance of misery, stress and uneasiness while giving a mellow body high to agony and sickness help that further upgrades the restorative impacts of this strain. Succulent Fruit can leave the restorative client feeling bleary eyed and unsteadiness, the impacts which can keep going for up to 3 hours in span.

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