Qudrat Episodes 1-10

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(He Alone is) the All‑Knower of the Ghayb (Unseen), and He uncovers to none His Ghayb (Unseen)” {Quran 72:26}”Say: “None in the sky and the earth knows the Ghaib (Unseen) aside from Allaah, nor would they be able to see when they should be restored” {Quran 27:65}

The above Ayahs from The Quran, including numerous more Ayahs, alongside numerous Hadiths, all express that nobody knows the future yet Allah. The reality of the matter is that there are Walis of Allah who have spent their lives doing only submitting themselves to HIM and HIS assertion. mehwish hayat dramas However the Walis don’t circumvent advising individuals what will happen to their qismat.

Coordinated by Barkat Siddiqi and composed by Batool Bhojali, “Qudrat” is an account of a wide range of families, their fates, the fight between great versus malice and love. Presently had it really remained consistent with the previously mentioned subjects the show would have been incredible. The first (and as I would like to think the most critical) family is of Zulfiqar (Nadeem Baig). His better half is Zaineb (the ever smooth Hina Bayat), child Momin (Ahsan Khan) and little girl Hiba (who bites the dust all of a sudden while her dad is playing out an amal for a young lady who is controlled by some Jinn). Zulfiqar is an Aalim/Astrologist who evidently has never been off-base in his life. It’s an Ilm he got from his dad et cetera. Be that as it may he isn’t the just a single. His significant other too has the blessing and together they have helped many individuals in their lives. Their child and little girl both grew up watching their folks help individuals and are enthusiastic professors in the greater part of this. However Momin’s sweetheart Sukhaina (Momal Sheik) doesn’t have confidence in qismat or any of this other stuff. She is a specialist and trusts fate is in one’s own hand, no different creatures. So far Momin has not possessed the capacity to wed Sukhaina in light of the fact that his dad has seen that if these two wed, Sukhaina will kick the bucket 9 months after the wedding (obviously subsequent to bringing forth a kid) and afterward Momin will wed another young lady. Momin is clearly frightened now as his dad has precisely anticipated numerous different things, including the demise of his companion’s better half in the healing facility. (The folks really told the specialist that he can simply ahead and play out the surgery yet the woman’s life has arrived at an end. I mean had ho gayee)!

Family number two is of Zulfiqar’s adolescence companion Sitnain Ali (Talat Hussain). Sitnain was a hotshot play kid once upon a time and has obviously harmed many individuals and conferred sins. He has a child and a little girl (Kanwar Nafees and Sajal Ali as Zehra). Zehra is clearly paying for her dad’s wrongdoings. Her stepmother is the exemplary soutaili ammi from jahannum and her sibling is no less. She gets beaten and shouted at and is called manhoos by everybody in the area and at work (plainly HR is not exceptionally solid in that organization). She has had two softened engagements and has been up affection with another person who likewise sells out her.

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